charcoal and pastel drawing of a robin running across the patio


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This is Bram, he's a robin that lives in my back garden, at the top end near my studio.  I see him most days as that's the prime spot where all the feeders are.  Despite their cute appearance robins are extremely territorial - not regarding all birds however, he has a particular gripe with sparrows.  I watch him most days chasing the sparrows up and down the trees and feeders, he doesn't seem to mind the bluetits, wrens and other birds.  I snapped this image as he was charging across the patio at the pair of sparrows who were trying harmlessly to peck at the seeds fallen to the ground. He is certainly a little character who I love seeing most days.  
Bram is drawn in charcoal and pastel on white stonehenge drawing paper.  He is currently mounted in a soft white mount, back board and bag to 16 x 12" size.  He can be framed in any frame that is 16 x 12" size or you can take him to a framer and have him remounted and framed in any frame you wish, just let your framer know that it is pastel.
If you wish for me to arrange framing then select the framed option.  I currently have a black wooden frame that he can be framed in.