Contact Me

You can contact me regarding any further information about my artwork.  
I check my emails quite regularly, let me know if it is urgent as I like to take my time and consider my replies carefully to give people some time and thought.
A note about commissions.  My work is not commission based, I prefer to use my own inspiration for my artwork pieces.  That is not to say I would not consider commissions from time to time, they can be challenging, unexpected and exciting. They lift me out of my comfort zone which helps to improve my practise, so if you have a commission idea feel free to contact me. However, the types of commissions that I do not generally do are personal pieces that I could not sell on if you decide you do not want the finished piece.
A note about charitable donations.  I get asked fairly regularly to donate my artwork to charities and fundraisers. It takes me a long time to complete my artwork, I personally would never ask another artist to give away their artwork as I know how much time and effort goes into it, I also know that art sales are random and unreliable.  Whilst I occasionally giveaway my artwork, it is on my terms as I care very much about where my artwork goes to.  Original artwork needs long term care and attention, this is important to me. Fundraisers and auctions are not the right place for original art and I do not feel comfortable releasing original artwork into these situations. 
Using my prints to raise funds is fine if you have an idea that shows respect for my artwork and the amount of time I have put into it, but merely asking me to give up my hard worked artwork for free is unfair, it upsets me to have to say no to people so please consider this before asking for free donations.