Welcome to My Shop & Website. 

I am a fine art portrait artist living in Cheshire, England. I initially pursued my love of drawing in my spare time and being a huge cricket fan I was naturally drawn to my favourite sport as well as my love of portraits.  I love attempting to capture the twisted body movement of cricketers, particularly the unnatural and unusual positions they get themselves in.  I sold my first professional drawing in May 2014, since then the demand for my cricket and sports drawings have increased dramatically, becoming collectables. I am now able to work full time as a professional artist working from my home studio. 

I draw portraits and figures that focus on expression through body language.  I strive to bring to life the vitality and excitement of 'the moment' into all my drawings.  Sport and activity feature strongly in my work as they provide the best instances of natural body language and expression.  My drawings capture the feelings of the moment as seen with all the life in it.

In order to improve my 'drawing from life' I collect small botanical pieces to work from. My working process is to work on these for at least an hour each morning to improve my drawing skills and maintain my hand / eye co-ordination. I particularly enjoy pieces that have intricate fine details or complicated twisted shapes.  Recently I have begun photographing my own subjects and have begun to draw and paint birds and wildlife, again focusing on the fine intricate details. 

I draw freehand, working in charcoal, graphite and pastel all of which work well to capture movement and life. I create an impressionistic likeness using a painterly style, building up the shade with charcoal or pastel as if painting. I have a fine art giclee printer in order to produce my own limited edition prints.  "I have a humble respect for fine art portraits and all their properties.  I work diligently and carefully with a high regard and affection for all my subjects"

 I am a member of the Chester Grosvenor Art Society

I am a member of Altrincham Art Society

Works are sold directly from my artist's studio, I welcome visits to my home studio & gallery by appointment.  Feel free to contact me to arrange a visit. Enquires are answered the same day.

 Check out my blog to keep up to date with my work.

  • My drawing of 'Bertie' was featured in an article on expression in February's edition of the Leisure Painter magazine

  • One of my drawings recently featured on the front cover of 'Sport Liberated' - a wonderful on-line magazine for women in sports

  • My Mitchell Johnson drawing was featured in 'All Out Cricket' as part of a piece they were running for art in cricket.

I take immense pride in the work I complete, always striving for high standards in fine art. If you have anything you would like to discuss about any of the pieces or feel free to contact me by email:


"Original art is priceless!" (Paulette)