Welcome to My Shop & Website. 

'When in doubt get still and look, really look..'

My drawings and paintings are influenced by my life and my surroundings.  I am as much at home sat in a cricket ground with my sketchbook as I am tramping through the Cheshire countryside watching the birds make their spring nests.  They are all familiar to me, all vivid and real and all part of my life.
What connects my artwork are moments.  I look for and enjoy special parts of life that are as much ordinary as extraordinary.  A turning point in a cricket match, the glare of a disturbed bird, the old man trudging up the hill, the couple sharing the newspaper.  My artwork represents a wish to extend those moments, to make them eternal and never lose them.
I work in charcoal and oil paints which are both mediums that allow quick expressive strokes to keep the subjects as alive, fresh and immediate as possible.  My sketches, observational drawings, prints and finished pieces are all available directly from me. Feel free to browse my website and keep up to date with my current projects by following me on social media.  
Works are sold either directly from myself or from my two representative galleries:
Holmes Gifts & Interiors, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
 Check out my blog to keep up to date with my work.
  • My painting of Offa was featured in March 2019 edition of the Artist & Illustrator Magazine
  • My drawing of 'Bertie' was featured in an article on expression in February's edition of the Leisure Painter magazine
  • One of my drawings recently featured on the front cover of 'Sport Liberated' - a wonderful on-line magazine for women in sports
  • My Mitchell Johnson drawing was featured in 'All Out Cricket' as part of a piece they were running for art in cricket.
I take immense pride in the work I complete, always striving for high standards in fine art. If you have anything you would like to discuss about any of the pieces or feel free to contact me by email:
"Original art is priceless!" (Paulette)