original oil painting of starling
The Dragon in my Garden
The Dragon in my Garden
framed painting of a starling

The Dragon in my Garden

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He has been selected for Wildlife Artist of Year 2019, he sold at the exhibition.
I’ve always thought starlings were like dragons. Not that they go around hunting damsels in distress but from a distance they look black / brown but when the sun captures their feathers they shine like the jewelled scales of a dragon. As the feathers meet the neck they look like the spikes around the neck of a dragon. 

This chap was basking in the sun this summer in my garden. They are a tight knit family group and we have had the pleasure of watching the babies grow all summer long. This is one of the males of the family. 
He is painted in oil paint on wood panel that is 10 x 10".  The painting is currently framed, if you would prefer to arrange your own framing select the unframed option and I will ship the painting only to you.  
I have written a blog post which explains how I created The Dragon in my Garden & shows the original photograph I took of him.  Click here to visit 
A clip video of the painting progress