original pencil drawing of a whippet looking up at its owner by alsager pet artist
close up detail on a whippet pencil graphite drawing showing whippet looking up with detail of eyes and nose
close up detail of whippet eyes drawn in pencil
limited edition print of a whippet drawn in pencil looking up at its owner

That Whippet Look!

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The Original

The original is now sold

This is the angle that we see most of our dogs at, artists are beginning to represent animals and pets in much more realistic, relaxed situations which is wonderful.  There is something personal between a pet and its owner when they look up at you in this manner - its very special.  I have captured it in graphite pencil in order to maintain the soft focused look.  I was able to use graphite to the best affect to maintain the soft angles and light hair.  
The drawing has been completed in graphite on Arches hot pressed Watercolour paper.  It is mounted in a white acid free mount to 16 x 12".  It is sold unframed, the artwork will sit comfortably in a frame that is 16 x 12" - if you require any assistance with framing feel free to contact me.  
The artwork is shipped flat in an all board envelope protected with Corri Cor hardboard.  Shipping costs are dependent on location, UK costs are £5, international shipping is up to £10