sparrow original charcoal and watercolour drawing


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'Chirp chirp
A sparrow hops and flitters
Jumps and flutters
From branch
To branch...'

(Lucy Queue) 

This is Maxwell. He is such a little chirper. I drew him the other day in charcoal which he seemed to quite like, then I went in with some oil pastel and completely ruined it. I thought I’d forget it but he was chirping away in my head so I had to draw him again. This time it’s charcoal, pastel and watercolour on Canson watercolour paper 11” x 8”  He's now singing merrily.  He would need to go to a home that doesn't mind him singing away (in your imagination anyway!) 

My drawings aim to show the subject's beauty with a gentle sensitive touch. Maxwell is framed in a black wooden frame and is ready to hang or he will sit on a table...

I have written a blog post about the making of Maxwell

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