original charcoal drawing of a fat robin
Maddie (original)

Maddie (original)

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This lady is Bram's wife.  Bram is the robin that rules the patio outside my studio window.  He's a very grumpy robin who pursues any birds that cross his path.  Then one day he was sat on the feeding table with this lady.  She's rather plump and had a wonderful pout as she stared in at me.  The pair of them looked at me as if to say 'and?'. I have seen them together a few times since but it is definitely Bram who is collecting most of the food so I assume they have a little nest somewhere.
Maddie is drawn in charcoal on Stonehenge 100% cotton paper that is 8" x 8".  She is mounted in a soft white mount, back board and bag, that is 12" x 12".  Please arrange framing as soon as possible and avoid touching the drawing.  Let your framer know that it is charcoal.
If you would prefer me to arrange framing then select the framed option.  I like to use black stained rustic wooden frames that are hand made.  You will need to allow 2-3 weeks for the frames to be made and shipped to me.