pastel drawing of a fluffy white kitten with blue eyes by alsager pet artist
close up of the face of a fluffy white kitten with blue eyes drawn in pastel by alsager pet artist
close up of blue eyes of a kitten drawn in pastel
a mounted original pastel drawing of a white fluffy cat with blue eyes in a white mount

Little Blue Eyes

Regular price £78.00

The Original

There are many beautiful aspects to this drawing, his blue eyes were the first obvious attraction, followed by the soft fluffy fur and the relaxed but playful pose.  He has been drawn in pastel and pastel pencils which enables soft strokes and subtle blending.  The desire to reach out and stroke him is irresistible, he made me smile every time I returned to draw a bit more of him.  Kittens are one of our favourite images, their innocent gentle nature appeals to all whether you are a cat lover or not.  This would make a special edition to any home art collection.  

The piece is sold mounted in a white acid free mount with backing board and will fit into any frame 16 x 12 inches.  If you wish to discuss framing don't hesitate to contact me and I can offer you advice or arrange framing for you (UK customers only), this will incur an additional cost.


Below is a small timelapse video made of the beginning of this drawing.