pencil drawing of a ballerina with her hair flung back and her skirts flying out behind her she is wearing ballet shoes standing on tip toe
close up face detail of a pencil sketch drawing of a ballerina with her head flung back
ballerina pencil original drawing dance gift mounted showing a ballerina with her head flung backwards and her skirts flowing


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The original drawing

This is such a wonderful pose, whether you are a fan of ballet or not there is something of sensual beauty in this image that is calming and sensitive. The challenge of expressing soft movement in the skirt was the strong drive in this image. Using hard graphite pencils the skirts were represented as one fluid drift similar to water. 'Grace' is a beautiful gentle piece of art that will make a lovely gift.  The drawing is 13 inches x 9 inches and is mounted in a white archival mount and back board.  It is shipped flat in an all board envelope supported with Corri Cor stiff board.  Please note this piece is not framed, it will however fit neatly into a 16 x 12 inch frame.