Cat and Mouse
charcoal drawing of a cat peering into a mouse hole with a mouse in the shadow
close up detail of a cat peering into a mouse hole with the mouse in shadows drawn in charcoal
close up detail of a paw of a cat drawn in charcoal peering into a mouse hole

Cat and Mouse

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The Original

Completed in charcoal and white charcoal. What a fabulous image, I could not resist it when I saw the reference photo. What I love about it is that you can not really tell who has the upper hand. The cat's piercing gaze is not friendly and the sheer size of the cat fills the whole of the mouse hole. The mouse on the other hand looms large, out of the shadows, appearing menacing and almost sinister.

The drawing is mounted to 16 x 12" in a white acid free mount.  It is sold either mounted only so you can organise your own frame or framed. If bought mounted it will need to be framed behind glass (not plastic glass) as soon as possible.  The frame is black wooden smooth frame, external dimensions are: 18 x 14" - it is ready to hang on a wall. 

A video showing different drawing stages of this artwork.....