A collection of my sketches.  Often I will draw a quick preliminary sketch before completing a longer drawing.  This helps to see if the scene works as a drawing and helps me to focus on the main areas of shade and light.  Most artists sketch prolifically but we do not often see them, I personally love to see artists' sketches so I am sharing mine with you. 

ink sketches of cricketers

Sketching at a cricket match, slow work...


sketch of starling in charcoal

Preparatory sketch for

starling drawing 

Portrait Drawing Practise

Charcoal on grey toned paper


A quick sketch of Nathan Lyon in the Ashes.  I was trying out some new paper (which I didn't like) and wanted to see how it responded to the charcoal.  

These are my watercolour and ink preparatory sketches for my Six Sixes drawing to follow.  This is a commissioned request to draw Ross Whiteley hitting six sixes in an over in a T20 Blast match for Worcestershire 


Preparatory sketch for a larger piece


Charcoal, sketching water 


Quick 15 minute sketch at a life drawing class


Small mini sketches 


 cricket england portrait drawing james taylor

Pencil portrait sketch of James Taylor

Portrait Practice

rugby sketch drawing for rugby art

'Rugby Sketch'

In preparation for a rugby commission I have done this quick sketch of a rugby player running with the ball.  He was actually being tackled but I have left the defender off to focus on the attacker (ink and ink wash pen).

'Charlie Sketch'

My dog Charlie is always napping in my studio when I am working.  If I take too long he comes and nudges me with his nose, but on this occasion I was able to sketch him snoozing in the armchair with an ink pen and ink wash

Seeing in the Dark - charcoal

The Final Wicket (preliminary sketch)



Off you Go!



                          Portrait practise