Observational Sketches

This collection is some extracts from my sketchbook diary.  They are sketches either from life or from memory of little moments that have caught my eye.  Rough quick notes of my artistic daily life...
27.7.19 Charlie sleeping in sanguine

19.4.19 Watching Lancashire at Trent Bridge, sketching the crowd

Sepia sketch of a goldfinch who visited the feeders.

2.4.19 the little mouse that bravely comes out in the open to eat the seeds that have fallen on the patio.

Group having pre-dinner drinks at the bar.  He said 'I'm in the East Wing and I can even hear her from there - guffaw guffaw" 

Enjoying a cup of tea & sketching any birds that come by

These 2 sisters walk their dog past my house each day.  They've been standing at the end of my drive discussing my new drive a few times

3.3.19 this couple always share the newspaper.  She reads faster than him so has to wait before turning the page.

26.2.19 I opened the door to let Ted in, he just stared at me so I shut the door & drew him instead

27.2.19 wasp resting on the fence 

26.2.19 old man out for a stroll - he likes to pat Charlie 


25.2.19 blackbird sitting on the fence & bluetit checking out the birdbox - didn't go in      

24.2.19 waiting for you to come home

23.2.19 Charlie has pinched the sunshine spot from Ted..