Quick Sketches

   These quick sketches are time restricted by myself to a few hours rather than a few days or even weeks that a final piece can take.  They are meant to be fun, gestural, immediate and expressive with no particular attention to detail.  Unlike my sketchbook which is focused on planning, these sketches are drawn on fine art paper with the same materials that I use in my final pieces.  They have come to be one of my favourite activities, allowing a break from a piece that may be taking some time or responding to a sporting event that has captured my attention.
They are drawn on light grey Canson pastel paper or white Accademia paper, A4 size, in charcoal.  Each sketch is presented mounted with a back board and in a clear polypropylene bag.  They are unframed and will fit easily into an A4 size frame or you could arrange for them to be re-mounted and framed in a larger frame.  I supply a Certificate of Authenticity with each drawing that you can stick to the back of your frame.  Let your framer know that it is drawn in charcoal.