Cricket Sketches

Cricket Sketches of no-one in particular

Simply put, the sketches in this collection are moments that I've seen in cricket that make me want to re-capture them with a drawing.  Sometimes I know who it is but often times I do not.  It doesn't really matter who it is and what was happening, they can be anything or anyone you want them to be - I'll leave the stories up to you...
The sketches are drawn in charcoal on drawing paper (check each piece for size & paper type), sold as a drawing only and shipped flat in protective wrapping.  Try to arrange framing as soon as possible and avoid touching the drawing.  The charcoal has been sprayed lightly with a fixative but if any of the charcoal rubs onto the paper as you take it out of bag simply brush or rub it off lightly with an eraser.  
Most important of all - enjoy your original art.