A collection of all my original cricket drawings and limited edition prints.
I am currently working on a series of sketches of the IPL 2018.  You can visit them by clicking  here or the link below

When I was in my 20's I backpacked around Australia.  At the time England Cricket were visiting playing an Ashes series.  My wanderings had taken me to Adelaide and everywhere I went I was asked if I was there for the cricket, I wasn't but eventually curiosity got the better of me.   England were due to play a test match there so satisfying my curiosity I bought some tickets.  I turned up for the match not really knowing anything about cricket.   Luckily for me I sat down on the grass verge to watch next to an old man and his grown up son.  During the course of that first day they both kindly and patiently  explained the laws of cricket.  By the end of that first day I was hooked.  It is no surprise that years later when I began to draw it is cricket that I first started sketching.  I hope through my drawings I can share with you the moments that I love about cricket....